Tree Care

Caring for your Tree.


Having a Real Tree to decorate for Christmas should be a pleasurable experience for you and your family.

Your tree should stay fresh and green with a pleasing aroma for up to 6-8 weeks if kept under the right conditions.

Step 1

After choosing your tree, spend 5 minutes cleaning any loose pine needles and other unwanted material that has built up naturally in the base of the tree
By doing this now not only will the tree look better but also you will not have to have to pick it up off your floor and furniture later.

Step 2

To allow the tree to “Breathe” and draw water, always cut 1-2 inches off the base of the stump of the tree. After the tree is cut the sap builds over the fresh cut stump and stops water absorbing.

Step 3

Give your tree a good hose in a shady spot; don’t be frightened to give it a thorough watering and a good shake. This will freshen up the tree and remove the last of the pine needles.
(NOTE: Always let the tree dry in the shade and NOT in direct sunlight as this may burn your tree)

Step 4

Whether you use a stand or bucket to hold your tree you MUST keep it topped up with fresh water. Your tree will drink up to 2 litres in the first few days alone. No sand or dirt is required.

Also try to position the tree in a cooler part of your room out of direct sunlight.

Always follow manufacturer's instructions when decorating your tree with your Christmas Tree Lights.


These methods have been proven as the best preparation for fresh cut Christmas trees.

Enjoy Santa's visit